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Zirconia Plate

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Zirconia Plate
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High strength and high reliability

Key Features

Zirconia Plate
Your best choice for 3Y zirconia plate. When considering a zirconia material, two of the major quality that you should note.
1. Small grain size
It has been investigated that 3Y zirconia gets the best wear resistance and flexural strength only when its grain is small enough.    
2. High reliability
The aging issue is an irreversible structural change that causes surface phase change during using the zirconia ceramic. The surface phase change will lead to surface crack due to volume expansion and that is a major reason of material deterioration.
3. Low pore rate
Internal pore is one of the reasons of poor material strength. Usually the pores are caused by inappropriate forming processes such as wrong forming pressure or poor powder packing.
We consider these factors for you already because we offer highest quality plates only. Just feel free to send us inquiry so we are able to provide more information for our zirconia plates.

Chemical Composition
1. ZrO2 + Y2O3 + Al2O3: > 99.95%
2. Y2O3: 5.2~5.5%
3. Other impurity: < 0.05%

Physical Properties
1. Hardness: 1250~1300 Hv
2. Flexural Strength: > 1000 mPa
3. Density: > 6.05g/cm3
4. Grain size: <0.4um

Plate Dimension
1. 105 * 105 * 4mm
2. 105 * 105 * 5mm
3. 105 * 105 * 6mm
4. 105 * 105 * 8mm
5. 105 * 105 * 10mm
6. 105 * 105 * 15mm
7. 105 * 105 * 20mm
8. CIP and CIP+HIP plates are available

Note : It is our environmental policy that unless special requirements, we do not do any unnecessary machining on the plates to avoid particle emission. All the plates are not exactly cut with sharp edges. However, we guarantee that customers will receive plates that no smaller than the dimension listed above.  

Last Update : 2016-05-12
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