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Water Proof, Rotating Type Conduit Fitting,hardware ferrule,

Model No.
EZ11 Series
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Key Features

Metal Conduit Fittings EZ11 series is a waterproof type swivel straight connector and has been designed to meet with IEC 60423 standard. The EZ11 series is applied on the relay or end point of wiring system to connect metal conduits and junction box or enclosure for wiring extension and protection. The body is made of zinc alloy with RoHS compliance which is connected with metal flexible conduit by screwing in and covering with a nut and fixed to the knockouts of junction box or tapped entries by locknut with optional male thread system, PG type or M type. The concise structure design is benefit for quick and convenient assembly and swivel structure enable quick and efficient installation but remains the high tensile resistance at the mean time. Adding an extra grounding ring for grounding purpose. The seal parts feature for watertight and dust-proof and are particularly good for indoor / outdoor environments where require IP rating. This series of fitting is proposed to fit with flexible metal conduit series PEG13, PEG23, PES13 and PES23 with plastic jacket.


  • Material:Zinc Alloy
  • Temperature Range : -50℃~+150℃
  • IP Rating : 
    IP 65 (Fit with Water Proof conduit series, Square-lock Type)
    IP 66 (Fit with Water Proof conduit series, Interlocked Type)
  • Surface Finish : Nickel plated, other treatments are available by consult.
  • RoHS Compliance : Yes
  • Certificate : CE




PG Thread
Nominal Conduit Size Nominal Conduit Size PG Thread Part Number Package/Box (Pcs) Weight/Box (Kg) Certificate Mated With
12 5/16 PG9 PG9-EZ11-12 600 16.1
16 3/8 PG11 PG11-EZ11-16 400 14.6
20 1/2 PG16 PG16-EZ11-20 320 16
25 3/4 PG21 PG21-EZ11-25 200 14.8
32 1 PG29 PG29-EZ11-32 100 12.1
40 1-1/4 PG36 PG36-EZ11-40 50 9.4
50 1-1/2 PG42 PG42-EZ11-50 40 10.4
63 2 PG48 PG48-EZ11-63 30 10.1

M Thread
Nominal Conduit Size Nominal Conduit Size M Thread Part Number Package/Box (Pcs) Weight/Box (Kg) Certificate Mated With
12 5/16 M16x1.5 M16-EZ11-12 600 17.8
16 3/8 M16x1.5 M16-EZ11-16 400 14.6
20 1/2 M20x1.5 M20-EZ11-20 320 15.6
25 3/4 M25x1.5 M25-EZ11-25 200 13.8
32 1 M32x1.5 M32-EZ11-32 100 11.8
40 1-1/4 M40x1.5 M40-EZ11-40 50 9.6
50 1-1/2 M50x1.5 M50-EZ11-50 40 10.7
63 2 M63x1.5 M63-EZ11-63 30 10
75 2-1/2 M75x1.5 M75-EZ11-75 - -
90 3 M90x2 M90-EZ11-90 - -
110 4 M110x2 M110-EZ11-110 - -


Last Update : 2018-04-05
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