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Squeegees For Screen Printing, Putty Knife / Scraper,Tools.

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Key Features

Squeegees For Screen Printing

The Most Solvent Resistonce of Polyurethane Elastomer *

  1. Characteristic:

The properties of this special polyurethane elastomers give our squeegee a number of major advantage:

  Excellent resistance and minimum swell to a wide

       range of pastes, inks and solvents

  ◎ High resistance to wear and tear better elasticity

       resulting in prints of uniformly high quality material.

  ◎ Low compression set and wide range flexible can be

       speedy change by the printing screen's embossed

       and intaglio.

  ◎ The sharp processed and various of shapes can be

       printing of uniformly high quality material.

        ◎ The hardness of squeegee is covered from 55 to 95

             Shore A for meeting many kind of different


  ◎ There are 4 types squeegee: super solvent

       resistance, solvent resistance, abrasion-resistance

       and anti-static at your free choice.

  ◎ The squeegees meet RoHS requirement.

  1. B. Grade:
  2. UP type : Super solvent resistance squeegee It made of

                     special polyester polyol, MDI and an extender

                     with a linear, symmetrical diol incorporating an

                     aromatic ring under strict control by our

                     development team for several years long in

                     testing the different solvents and then success.

                     It can resist for kinds of high- top ink solvent, its

                     excellent properties are more better than many

                     European & America’s  PU squeegees and

                     Vulkollan’s.  Our hardness of Shore 75A, in

                     MEK and Toluene for 24 hours, the weight

                     increased is 21% & 13% only, and the others

                     are 40% & 30%., The main usages are precision

                     PCB (print Circuit Board) and FPD (Flat Panel

                     Display), Ceramic condensers and the other

                     high top quality solvent screen printing.

  1. AP type : Solvent resistance squeegee

               The properties and solvent resistance is not so

               better as the UP type’s squeegee, but the

               testing of weight increased and change of

               hardness is nearly as UP type. It also can be

               used in general PCB, FPD and the other screen


  1. BP type : Abrasion resistance squeegee

               The solvent resistance is not so good as the UP

               and AP types. Its’ solvent resistance not only

               better than general PU squeegee but also better

               in the abrasion and mechanical properties. It

               can be used in graphics multi-purpose and

               textile printing. 

  1. UP-AS type : Anti-static squeegee

               By the use of special formula, the electric

               resistance will reduce from 1.2×10Ω13/cm2 to

              1.0×10Ω9/cm2., this improved electrical

               conductive AS squeegee will avoid to powder

               and impure particle. This AS squeegee is

               special used for glass and tint printing.

  1. C.Hardness and specification:

    (1) Hardness (Shore A)

            57±3A    65±3A    75±3A    85±3A    90±3A

    (2) Size (m/m)

         9.5/9.3 (T) × 30~50 (W) × 1500~2000

         20 (T) × 50(W) × 1500(L)

         5~10 (T) × 30~50 (W) × 3200

         5~9 (T) × 300 (W) × 3200(L)

  1. The others:

 (1) Other durometers and lower as 35A and 50A are


 (2) The other sizes are 9.5 (T) × 9.5 × 180~200 (L)  /  7 (T) ×

         30 (W) × 180 (L) to use for solar cell mechanical silver &

       alum. squeegees.

 (3)  We can manufacture various of hardness for different

       demand of abrasion resistance, wide range flexible and

       water resistance PU for different usage squeegees.

Last Update : 2018-03-27
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