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AJ-311 Rod End Stopper to stop water at end of bigger lay flat hose

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Rod end stopper, easy to open and close for water stop or flush out

Key Features

DEAR DEER rod end stopper is a stopper tighten with rod. It is special for thicker or wider flat hose. The widest flat hose this rod end stopper can be used is 14.5cm. The main components of DEAR DEER rod end stopper are a flat block with a long opening gap at middle and a long rod. To set it we must fold back a section of end flat hose and pull this folded section through the opening gap at the flat block from one side. After we have pull the section of sprinkler to the other side that foams a folded interspace between 2 lays of sprinkler hose. Then we pull the rod at this side through the interspace between folded flat hose till the end of rod insert into a locker at the end of the flat block and the rod will be locked by this locker. At last we draw the flat hose to tight the rod. While we fill water into the flat hose, the end of the flat hose will be swollen that pull the rod pressing to stop the water.

The other type of DEAR DEER end clip is used for thinner and smaller flat hose. This DEAR DEER end clip is designed easy to clip and easy to open. When we want to spray with sprinkler hose just to lock it to stop water. it is a convenient stopper. When the pores on sprinkler hose are somewhere plugged we just to pull the lock board to open the locker, the water can flush the dirt and sand inside sprinkler hose out. After wash out the sprinkler hose we just push the lock board down to lock the sprinkler hose again.

DEAR DEER end clip is so easy and so convenient to be used therefore it is one of our bestsellers.

Sprinkler hose may named as irrigation spray hose, spray tube, rain pipe, rain tape, soaker hose, perforated tube, perforated hose. Any way DEAR DEER end clip and rod end stopper are the best end stopper at the end of these lay flat hose to be an water stopper for sprinkling.

For keeping spraying smooth, sometimes we must to open the end clip or rod end stopper to flush out the sands inside hose. After the water inside the sprinkler hose is cleaned we can stop the water again easily with these 2 types of end stopper.

All the 2 types stopper have fix hole at side the middle section of stopper. These holes can fix the stopper by a fixer. While we pull the sprinkler hose tight at the end and fix the end stopper, all the sprinkler hose will be moving prevent associatedly.

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  • Payment Terms : TT ,L/C ,PayPal ,Alipay
  • Minimum Order : 1,000 Piece(s)

Last Update : 2019-10-13
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