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Rivets Nuts, Masonry Nails & Machine Screws

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We are a trusted supplier of masonry nails, machine screws, and rivet nuts. Our high-quality products are made from the best materials and can be used for supporting shear loads and in tension applications.

Rivets - Trebol

Trebol Pan head rivet with an EPDM sealing washer.

5.2 x 17.50.5 - 4.8 mm.  O
5.2 x 19.11.5 - 6.4 mm.  O
5.2 x 22.24.8 - 9.5 mm.  O
5.2 x 25.47.9 - 12.7 mm.  O
5.2 x 28.611.1 - 15.9 mm.  O
5.2 x 31.814.3 - 19.1 mm.  O
6.3 x 20.21.5 - 6.4 mm. OO
6.3 x 23.43.2 - 9.5 mm.  O
6.3 x 26.56.4 - 12.7 mm.  O
6.3 x 29.79.5 - 15.9 mm.  O
7.7 x 27.71.0 - 9.5 mm.  O
7.7 x 27.7 Head 191.0 - 9.5 mm.  O
7.7 x 34.0 Head 196.4 - 15.9 mm.  O
7.7 x 37.2 Head 199.5 - 19.1 mm.  O

BJ = Alu / Alu
SA = A2/A2 

blue With a ETA approval.
red Approval on request


About IPEX

IPEX develops, produces and distributes high-quality fasteners for roofing, wall’s and façade coping. The very complete supply program ensures we deliver the right materials, for the right job. For this purpose we work with a world wide network of skilled and qualified manufacturers.

Our company is founded in 1998. Since then IPEX expanded it’s customer range in a rapid way and still does. Both national and international companies benefit from our quality and reliable service.

IPEX distinguishes itself by a high level of involvement regarding our products and customers. We think towards solutions and know all application possibilities of our products, therefore we can always give an advice that will suit your demands. Besides quality we understand the need for reliable and rapid delivery. We can give this guarantee because of our solid logistic-, storing- and manufacturing process.

Last Update : 2019-05-23
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