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Return Fuel Volume Tester For Common Rail Injectors (6V)

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Return Fuel Volume Tester For Common

Key Features

Return Fuel Volume Tester For Common Rail Injectors (6V)
A) Kit Specification & appllcation
 *1 Off measuring unit with 6 off 800 mm rubber hoses.
 *1 Set (6 unit) C1 adapters for BOSCH injectors.
 *1 Set (6 unit) C2 adapters for SIEMENS injectors.
 *1 Set (6 unit) C3 adapters for DENSO injectors.
 *1 Set (6 unit) C4 adapters for DEPHI injectors.
B) Test Procedure
 *Raise the vehicle bonnet and hang the return fuel volume tester in available.
(ensure the 6 off rubber hose could reach the injectors)
 *Identify the injector type, choose the suitable from the test unit, and attach the adaptors
to the injector in place of the original return lines and secure with the original clip. Repeat 
the installment for others 5 adaptors one after another. 
 *Start the engine. The measuring chambers start collecting the diesel fuel.
C) Test Diagnosis
 *Check the measuring chambers. As soon as the diesel fuel volume is available for a 
  diagnosis (when one chamber is around half full), switch off the engine.
 *Make a diagnosis of test result. The chambers should contain with balanced amount of .
diesel fuel. When one chamber presents different of diesel fuel, then it may 
necessary to repair or replace the faulty injectors.
D) Test Diagnosis
 *Prepare a container to catch any drip of fuel from the removing process.
 *Disconnect the adapter lines from the injectors. Repeat this process for all the adapter lines.
 *Reconnect the vehicle original return line and secure with the original clips.
 *Make a clean work for test unit and repack it into work box.
Packing : Blowcase
10 SET/CTN ,18 NW:kgs  /  19GW:kgs  /  CUFT: 3'

Last Update : 2013-09-02
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