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Multi Lock CV Boot Pipe Clamp Tool

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Multi lock cv boot clamp EHC5


  • Structure : Spring Clamp
  • Use : Pipe Clamp

Key Features

ECH5 multi-lock CV boot pipe clamp and joint-banding clip tool used in automotive transmission shaft sleeves, rubber tubes, and pull rod dust jackets. Made of 304 stainless steel.

Stepless ear clamps manufacturers are confident ofproduct quality.

Ear Clamp:EHC2
Manufacture Ear Clamp is 360o stepless design-no gaps on inner circumference to concentrated seal compression. Special smooth edge band for less damage to hose. Ear Clamps are intended for one-time use only. Ear clamp is more secure fit since there are no gaps in the seal and will not loosen up over time like traditional worm drive clamps.

EHC2 Stainless steel Ear clamps are especially well used to aplications involving both flexible and inflexible thin-walled hoses with hight "Shore" hardness, are also ofent used in automotive industry & lower pressure have been used on irrigation systems with black polyethylene pipe.

Material: *AISI 304(DIN 1.4301)
**AISI 316 Stainless Steel Ear Stepless clamps are available on special order. Use for Marine, underground, and other high corrosive application.
Diameter Sizes : We could offer the sizes to meet industries specifications requirements or industries standards, can be produced OEM / ODM clip.
Standard Series Band width : 7mm & 9mm x Thickness : 0.6 mm
Heavy Duty Series W X T :  9mm X 0.8MM, 10mm x 0.8mm, 10mm x 1.0mm

EHC3 multi-ladder sloted ear clamps are availabled variable sizes.
Them often used in cv boot, industry & lower pressure hose.
Material : 304 Stainless Steel
Band Size : 8mm,  Thickness : 0.5mm

CV-3 multi-ladder sloted ear clamps are availabled variable sizes.
Them often used in cv boot, industry & lower pressure hose.
Material : 304 Stainless Steel
Band Size : 7 mm, 8mm, 9mm X Thickness : 0.6mm


Easy to installby Pneumatic Tool:CH-3010EP and Hand Installation tool: PINCRES CH207
These clamps are not reusable, shall be cut off to remove, slip over the hose fitting joint and require CH-3010EP pneumatic or hand tool to tighten. Strongly recommend the pneumatic tool, as it insures consistent pressure applied around the fitting and greater consistency in a production environment. Maximu suggested pressure is around 100PSI.


Otherwise production of other types of stainless steel pipe clamps, tubes, American pipe clamps bundle, stainless steel cable ties , END CLAMP, strong tube folder, hand pressure pipe clamps, one ear tube clip tubes, high pressure tubes , European pipe clamps, with pipe clamps, hanging clamps, stainless steel cable tie, stainless steel cable ties ( Stainless Steel belted), black polyester paint , the paint Nilong belted, stainless steel paint belted.


Last Update : 2019-06-05
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