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High Stability Hose Clamp

Model No.
SY- 80
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Key Features

. High stability hose clamp: there are three categories here they are: SY-80, 8L, 8X series. SY-80 series – normal hand through band design SY-8L series – extended inner lining added onto the inner fringe of band..which prevents soft hose got extruded or even cut off by band slot. . This protect the soft hose and avoid position-shifting of inner lining when in assembly. SY-8X series – is super lager range band hole number, allowing larger range of usage .., 5 sorts of size hose clamp can cover up to hose clamp dia. From 1 - 1/4" ~ 10 - 1/8"..this sure can help custom cut back their storage pressure. Material spec. Above three types of series band: width is 15.8 mm, thickness is 0.7 mm, #300 grade S.S. . Shell body: inner width is 16 mm, thickness is 1.5 mm, #300 grade S.S. . Screw: there got two types: 1. 5/16" hex-head, #410 S.S. 2. 5/16" hex-head, #304 S.S. . Can custom made per the size customers ever need . High stability hose clamp Features of usage . Outstanding stability hose clamp can be used in a leaking environment with intense vibration and under high pressure. It can handle the most difficult sealing task ..like ordinary heavy duty trucks, cross-country excavator forklift, industry machinery, engine, tube (hose fitting) for ship, etc. Features and structure? . High stability hose clamps adopts? 5/8" super wide shell body (housing ), the combination of upper/lower shell body is made by "riveted", same tech as what has been applied in Euro/USA big companies. The material of housing (shell body) adopts 304H high steel material ..with features of high? tensility and not-deforming. band width reaches 5/8"..which is the widest in gear category. It is adequate to offer rather high torque value to band..band material hardness can reach as high as HV380°, moreover, it got dirt-proof mirror-treatment. . This product bolt/screw has been turning for many times. . The accurate true circle (roundness) can offer rather good rotation w/o load rate. . This item has won patent on steel band edge pressing & bur treatment production procedure mold & band in Taiwan and multi-nations all over the world. The test of quality . After self-conducting test, the high stability hose clamp. Got effective torque value as high as 250 KGF. CM and without deformation. The max damage (destroy) torque can even reaches more than 300K GF. CM.

Last Update : 2015-06-14
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