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BZ-08 series-Compression Latches, Lift-and-Turn

Model No.
BZ-08 series
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Key Features

Dust-resistant, waterproof (IP66), resistance to heat and corrosion.
Patent: Pawl is fixed by 4 positioning points and the grooved shaft-bolt, easy for assembly and adjustment. Need only to slide the pawl through the shaft-groove to the correct position, more stable and accurate.
Left, right and top opening. The pawl moved forward and reversed vertically 3mm while the compression latch is opened and closed.
Used widely for door panel of general cabinet boxes.
Pawl can be easily positioned to accommodate the suitable compression.
Upon opening, the lever can be rotated smoothly without key-locking interference. Hardness of paint 5H, in accordance with RoHS.
➤Material-body: Die-cast zinc, black powder coated.
➤Material-lever: Die-cast zinc, bright chrome plated or black powder coated.
➤Material-shaft, pawl and mounting bracket: Steel-zinc plated.

Short Shaft:https://www.asmith.com.tw/en/products/Door_Latch/Compression_Lift-and-Turn/BZ-081

Long Shaft:https://www.asmith.com.tw/en/products/Door_Latch/Compression_Lift-and-Turn/BZ-083

Item No.MaterialFinishPawlGrip RangeWaterproofWeight
Pawl ForwardPawl Reversed
Zinc AlloyBlack Body, Chrome Lever#142131IP66302.2
Zinc AlloyBlack Body, Chrome Lever#151339IP66304.2
Zinc AlloyBlack Body, Chrome Lever#16547IP66306.2
Zinc AlloyBlack Body, Chrome Lever#172131IP66307.6
Zinc AlloyBlack Body, Chrome Lever#181339IP66309
Zinc AlloyBlack Body, Chrome Lever#19547IP66310.8
Zinc AlloyBlack Body, Chrome Lever#442626IP66336
Zinc AlloyBlack Body, Chrome Lever#453636IP66336
Zinc AlloyBlack#142131IP66302.2
Zinc AlloyBlack#151339IP66304.2
Zinc AlloyBlack#16547IP66306.2
Zinc AlloyBlack#172131IP66307.6
Zinc AlloyBlack#181339IP66309
Zinc AlloyBlack#19547IP66310.8
Zinc AlloyBlack#442626IP66336
Zinc AlloyBlack#453636IP66336
Item No.MaterialFinishPawlGrip RangeWaterproofWeight
Pawl ForwardPawl Reversed
Zinc AlloyBlack Body, Chrome Lever#1427~3737~47IP66305.4
Zinc AlloyBlack Body, Chrome Lever#1519~2945~55IP66307
Zinc AlloyBlack Body, Chrome Lever#1611~2153~63IP66309.8
Zinc AlloyBlack Body, Chrome Lever#1727~3737~47IP66310.6
Zinc AlloyBlack Body, Chrome Lever#1819~2945~55IP66312
Zinc AlloyBlack Body, Chrome Lever#1911~2153~63IP66314
Zinc AlloyBlack#1427~3737~47IP66305.4
Zinc AlloyBlack#1519~2945~55IP66307
Zinc AlloyBlack#1611~2153~63IP66309.8
Zinc AlloyBlack#1727~3737~47IP66310.6
Zinc AlloyBlack#1819~2945~55IP66312
Zinc AlloyBlack#1911~2153~63IP66314
Item No.MaterialFinishPawlGrip RangeWaterproofWeight
Pawl ForwardPawl Reversed
Zinc AlloyBlack Body, Chrome Lever#1444~5454~64IP66325.4
Zinc AlloyBlack Body, Chrome Lever#1536~4662~72IP66326.8
Zinc AlloyBlack Body, Chrome Lever#1628~3870~80IP66329.6
Zinc AlloyBlack Body, Chrome Lever#1744~5454~64IP66330.6
Zinc AlloyBlack Body, Chrome Lever#1836~4662~72IP66331.8
Zinc AlloyBlack Body, Chrome Lever#1928~3870~80IP66334
Zinc AlloyBlack#1444~5454~64IP66325.4
Zinc AlloyBlack#1536~4662~72IP66326.8
Zinc AlloyBlack#1628~3870~80IP66329.6
Zinc AlloyBlack#1744~5454~64IP66330.6
Zinc AlloyBlack#1836~4662~72IP66331.8
Zinc AlloyBlack#1928~3870~80IP66334
  • 33dec9518b1867b6beb8dd78c6a7a9f6
  • e8e139c197760eb43061b811571c9216
  • 7464843d739ce9952fcd4346d053d348
  • d75240ebd26e469e87b17a380d6a98e0

 Unit: mm [※1 kgf ≒ 10 N]Accessories
Item No.MaterialFinishDimensionsWeight
Apply to
    Steel (SPHC)Zinc plated3.515.6BZ-03, BZ-08, BZ-17, BZ-18
    Steel (SPHC)Zinc plated3.517.6BZ-03, BZ-08, BZ-17, BZ-18
    Steel (SPHC)Zinc plated3.519.6BZ-03, BZ-08, BZ-17, BZ-18
    Steel (SPHC)Zinc plated3.520.6BZ-03, BZ-08, BZ-17, BZ-18
    Steel (SPHC)Zinc plated3.522.4BZ-03, BZ-08, BZ-17, BZ-18
    Steel (SPHC)Zinc plated3.524.2BZ-03, BZ-08, BZ-17, BZ-18
    Steel (SPHC)Zinc plated2.511BZ-17, BZ-08, BZ-18
    Steel (SPHC)Zinc plated2.511BZ-17, BZ-08, BZ-18
  • 002783f2233a7e64ed63e569070cbe8b
  • 1f1f31b68cbd21242c25f36b9f834a23
  • 13ee5784b166c715ca754d7dbadb0b2e

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Last Update : 2019-02-26
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