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Bi-metal screws – self-drilling & self-tapping screws

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More Information Please Visit Our Web-site: www.shehkai.com.tw -------Catelogue Available for Download-------- The Bi-metal self-drilling screw is in the form of 300 series Austenitic Stainless Steel fastener for the metal to metal applications with drill point made of hardened Alloy steel. It is designed for attaching into 0_12 mm steel sheet. It not only provides absolutely corrosion resistant capability, but also features a benefit that drills hole, forms mating thread, and clamps home in one easy operation. The Bi-Metal self-drilling screw is designed for use in the industrial construction particularly for roofing and wall cladding system. Using the Bi-metal self drilling screw will no longer need for using pre-drilling tools in assembly which will eliminate hole-making and tapping cost. Furthermore, time and labor will be saved since assembly steps are reduced. Your Advantages by Using our Bi-Metal Screws: - Drilling capability into 0_12mm Steel Sheet. - Complete Drilling, Tapping and Fastening in One Action. - Absolute Corrosion Resistant Capability. - NO pre-drill needed – Save Time & Labor! - 1 screw with 2 benefits: The Stainless Shank Ultimate Corrosion Resistance & Alloy Steel Drill Point Guaranteed Drilling Performance. Choose SHEH KAI PRECISION - Established over 15 years, over 20 countries are using our product. - Reputable for our Extreme Good Quality, Best Price Offered, and On Time Delivery. - Constant improvement of our special production process & continuous expanding our product line to meet you needs! - Certified ISO 9000 for quality & ISO 14000 for environment. We produce best products with environment friendly production. - Provides first-rate service and support to meet specific customer specification.

Last Update : 2017-10-17
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