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Social Media Management – Southern Star Club

Source: Taiwantrade | Updated: 10 January 2020

In response to social media communication trends, the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) established the online platform "Southern Star Club", on January 29, 2019, and created individual groups for each country. The service combines open-information articles and private groups for closed-door discussions while also organizing online voting and commentary events such as "Understanding the Needs of Businesses - TAITRA Works for You" to investigate the needs of businesses; “TAITRA Event Share - Latest Business Information” provides first-hand global business opportunities; TAITRA overseas branch offices use "Interaction without Borders - Linking Taiwanese Teams" and combine the use of all three services to work with enterprises in discovering new business opportunities.

Since the platform's inception, it has accumulated 48,5641 views, 5,960 users, an average login session length of two minutes and 31 seconds, and a bounce rate of 18.92 percent. For user devices, desktop PCs, mobile phones and tablets account for 55 percent, 44 percent and 1 percent respectively. In terms of user age, 39 percent of users are between 25 and 34, 24.7 percent are between 35 and 44, 13.3 percent are between 45 and 54, 8.3 percent are between 55 and 64, 7.6 percent are between 18 and 24, and 6.6 percent are 65 years of age or older. As for gender, women account for 50.09 percent, while men account for 49.91 percent.

After nearly a year of operations, we understand that building a brand and increasing user engagement are difficult tasks with challenges such as the difficulty of changing a business's commercial behavior model and obstacles to using digital tools. Taiwanese businesses mainly use phone calls and e-mails to communicate and obtain information through passive channels, so changing their habits is a major challenge. In addition, user age statistics show that there is a decrease in users as we encounter higher age groups. It's therefore clear that these digital tools are difficult for older users to deal with. We will continue to optimize the user experience of our systems, simplifying the interface and reducing entry barriers so that more businesses can use Southern Star Club.

Many miracles have been created on our island of Taiwan. Made in Taiwan has become strong through the efforts of the collective, and we continue to hear different stories that fill our hearts with warmth and gratitude every day. However, Taiwan is home to a small market and a challenging international situation. I believe that having a good product is the source of all services, and while the world continues to change, the initial resolution and commitment to service quality are enduring within Taiwanese companies.

TAITRA established the Southern Star Club in hopes of expanding our reach and sharing in-depth information with a local perspective from our branches stationed in southern countries, so that more people can see the market conditions and opportunities on foreign soil. Our information is provided to businesses that wish to understand the countries in the New Southbound Policy.


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