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“Communications & Broadcasting Week” Debuts, TAITRA Leads Manufacturers to Win Olympic Business Opportunities in Tokyo.

Source: Taiwantrade | Updated: 10 May 2018

TAITRA led 8 companies, including APAC OPTO ELECTRONICS, APOGEE OPTOCOM, GLORIOLE ELECTROPTIC TECHNOLOGY, ORANGETEK, T-GLOBAL TECHNOLOGY, ELKA INTERNATIONAL, UNIXTAR TECHNOLOGY and CHROMA ATE, to participate in ‘Communications & Broadcasting Week 2018’, organized by the Bureau of Foreign Trade of the Ministry of Economic Affairs. Products exhibited included optical transceiver modules, thermal interface materials, thin film filters, passive optical components, plastic lenses, fiber optic signal cables, cable processing, peripheral products, precision electronics and measuring instruments, all targeted at winning business opportunities related to the digital high-definition transmission of the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games.

CHROMA ATE has exhibited precision test and measurement instrumentation such as flat panel display testers and video signal graphic generators, and has received attention from several well-known Japanese companies. UNIXTAR TECHNOLOGY, INC. has been designing and manufacturing electronic equipment signal lines for well-known international companies for many years. In 2017, it became the world’s largest fiber optic signal cable production plant. This year, active fiber optic cable was exhibited, breaking the traditional copper cable length limit and achieving long distance, light weight, and high-speed transmission applications. A continuous stream of buyers helped to achieve results beyond expectations.

Manufacturers who participated in the show included Japanese makers CANON, TOSHIBA, NTT, HITACHI, PANASONIC, SONY and NEC. The event provided a stage for various lectures delivered by experts in the field, who shared the latest technological trends in optical communications in 5G, data centers, IoT and breakthroughs in video transmission technology.


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